Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vehicle is a Nimbus?
How is the Nimbus better than an electric bike, scooter, or motorcycle?
How is Nimbus different from a Smart car, Renault Twizy, etc.?
When and where will Nimbus be available?
Is the Nimbus easy to drive?
What is Nimbus Balance and how does it work?
What safety features does the Nimbus have?
What's the driving experience like?
Can the Nimbus go on the highway?
How does charging work?
How long will it take to receive a Nimbus after I make a reservation?
Why is the Nimbus priced so low for its performance, range, etc.?
Will I be able to configure my vehicle after I make a reservation?
Can I test drive one?
What about servicing?
What's the warranty if I buy one?
Do you offer financing?
How do I insure a Nimbus?
Do you plan to sell to fleet customers?
Where is Nimbus based?
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